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For a stay of more than three nights stay is one night without cost, ie pay least. Ask for their promotion to reserves.

Frequent Asking
How can I pay the service?

In two diferent ways:, 1) cash when the stay is a few days, and 2) Credit Card. if the stay is long and more than a room.

What can I visualy appreciate from the lodging?

You can enjoy the magnificent surrounding with mountains and panoramic view of the Olivia Mount, Cinco Hermanos, the bay, the Beagle channel, the airport and most of the city.

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We are a family who live in Ushuaia from the year 1972 to date are considered ancient residents with 36 years here in Ushuaia, a lifetime of fueguinos. In 2006 we started remodeling our house to make room for accommodation and cooperate with tourist demand in the city and we ensure a steady job for the whole family. Our venture was authorized in February 2007, we have just a little over one year old, we are inaugurating our inn, but we have experience because we have worked in the area years before, and in addition we do something we love, care for and serve the others as it is deserved. We invite all those who wish to spend their stay in Ushuaia in a family environment, get to know it,we will wait for you and you see for yourself that others enjoyed and today they are commenting.

Our phone numbers:
(054) - (2901) - 443612 - 443753 - 15485121

Our E-mail:

Our address:
Leandro N. Alem 3981 - Ushuaia - Tierra del Fuego. CP: 9410

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