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For a stay of more than three nights stay is one night without cost, ie pay least. Ask for their promotion to reserves.

Frequent Asking
How can I pay the service?

In two diferent ways:, 1) cash when the stay is a few days, and 2) Credit Card. if the stay is long and more than a room.

What can I visualy appreciate from the lodging?

You can enjoy the magnificent surrounding with mountains and panoramic view of the Olivia Mount, Cinco Hermanos, the bay, the Beagle channel, the airport and most of the city.

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Thank you for your excellent care for the human warmth and disposal, we feel at home, of course, but really made us feel that we were on vacation. Enzo Caceres, Flia. Bs. Aires Argentina. (26/09/07).

The attention on the inn was excellent. Antonio, the wife, son, all very kind. The facilities are very comfortable and impressive city. The best place where we were in the south of Argentina was here at the inn Ailén, in Ushuaia, thank you for everything. Grecie Nunes of Brazil. (28/09/07).

We felt in a very comfortable place, but what pleased us most was the familiar treatment given to us by the hostel, we liked a lot Ushuaia and we will visit with more friends, you are really recommendable.Flia. Jorge Millán, Comodoro Rivadavia, R. Argentina (17/11/07).

For all and especially for the Israelites we encourage you to visit Ushuaia and come here, the new facilities are wonderful, clean and enjoy tranquility. Josefina and Antonio are always willing to help and give information, they provided the kitchen, a very warm, generous and the entire staff of the hotel. Adva Ziv and Jerusalem, Israel (20/12/07).

The inn is quiet, warm atmosphere, very polite gracious hosts very good care, made us feel right at home, we hope to return. The inn is recommended. Navy Piecorlo and Lawrence. Torino Italy (29/11/07).

Thank you for the hospitality, we liked this place so much. We hope to get back here to Ushuaia. David and Caroline London UK (22/12/07).

To the staff and the family and the inn,thanks a lot for your hospitality, here you feel at home. Patricia July R. Mexico (28/12/07).

A fascinating experience, it is wonderful that we take away, know this place was wonderful. But the most important thing is the hospitality given us in a hotel facilities the place is very nice, quiet, never forget, we have enjoyed it fully. Julio and Patty, Chillan, R. Chile (30/12/07).

These are some of the comments from the guests who visited us from different parts of the world this season.