hosteria in ushuaia
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Frequent Asking

How can I pay the service?

In two diferent ways:, 1) cash when the stay is a few days, and 2) Credit Card. if the stay is long and more than a room.

What can I visualy appreciate from the lodging?

You can enjoy the magnificent surrounding with mountains and panoramic view of the Olivia Mount, Cinco Hermanos, the bay, the Beagle channel, the airport and most of the city.

Where is located?

At 3981 of Leandro N. Alem Avenue at Bella Vista district, twenty minutes walking from down town. There is a small comercial centre 3 blocks away if you need groseries or anything. If you want to walk to the center, you can do in about 30 to 40 minutes. Three hundred meters away from an historical spot, the "Convict road" Four hundred meters away from the ski trail and "Club Andino" camping. A 20 blocks away is the town center.

What kind of transportation can I use?

There are taxi, remis, rent a car and bus services in town. You can call any of this services or use the BUS STOP just in front of our local.

How can I make a reservation?

By mail or phone (view Contact para mas detalles), indicating your name, arrival, departure, tipe and number of rooms required.